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7132 Hotel name is based on the zip code of Vals 3 buildings 7132 Hotel originally out of the 1960s renovated in July 2017 and awarded with 5 star Superior in August 2017 House of Architects by 7132 this building offers 4 different categories designed by 4 Stararchitects 7132 Therme an architectural highlight by Peter Zumthor The whole complex is being renovated and the comfort is improved in order to satisfy the demands of the discerning travellers of these days New impetus has been made Vals even more a mecca for devotees of architecture The world famous 7132 Therme is a reactangular construction with stacked walls made from 60000 local Valser quartzite slabs Since 1998 the thermal bath is under monument protection

House of Architects by 7132

Poststrasse 560

Vals, , Switzerland

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